Frequently Asked Questions

We have received a number of questions about Deliver That Project. these are listed along with the answers below:

Who should buy this book?

Anyone involved in projects! That means a project manager, team member, senior manager (sponsor) project board member…anyone who wants to develop their project skills and knowledge. Some students of project management have purchased this book.

What is so special about your book, Deliver That Project?

There are a number of things you should know about this book:

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It is a bit expensive.

It depends upon what you mean by expensive. Look at the projects you are involved in. This manual will take you through the various stages identifying what you have to do. It saves you TIME! In addition, people are always saying you need to speculate to accumulate. The speculation is the money (don’t forget the money back guarantee) and the accumulate here is the knowledge.

The book will also save you money. How? If it saves you time, this is a saving all way round. It will help you:

These points alone are well worth the expense.

Deliver That Project eBook

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I cannot use the PayPal payment method in my country. What can I do?

This is a problem; for you and for me! Certain countries cannot use this method to pay. We do not control this – it is done through PayPal and there is no one payment method that works world wide. Sorry, we cannot do much about this.

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What does your manual say about project management roles?

We are keen to ensure that project management roles are clear. We point out the key roles in projects and give you an activity to try out – looking at roles in one or more projects you are involved in. In addition, you can help identify clear roles within your own project through the personal work on a real live project.

How does this manual work?

We give you an example of a project through a step by step case study. This takes the project through all of the appropriate stages – from idea through to closure of the project. Project templates have been completed to show you how these work for you. At the start of the manual we ask you to think about your own projects and choose a sample project – YOUR project to work on throughout the manual. For example, you are asked to go away and develop a specific project initiation document (objectives etc) for your project. We ask you to involve senior managers in the process AND we ask you what you have learned from this. For us, this is important. we find too many people make the same mistakes time and time again. We want you to learn from the process and move forward with your project and your skills. This approach has certainly helped others and will help you.

Can I get a hard copy of the book?

The easiest way to obtain this book is as a download directly to your computer. The book is not available in places like Amazon.

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I am in a project team. Will I benefit from this manual?

There is no simple yes/no answer here. It depends upon a number of things:

Does the manual cover software?

Sorry, we do not cover software issues in this manual. The topic is so big it has supplements in magazines!

All the bonus stuff. How do I get it all?

(NOTE: for special offer, the bonus offer is to receive our great White Paper -From Ready-Fire-Aim to Ready-Aim-Fire)

The manual, Deliver That Project comes with a lot of really useful bonus material. Eight items in fact and nine if you include the opportunity of earning some income from selling the book yourself (you need to fill in a simple form for this). ALL of the bonus material comes with the download of the book. You simply open the file and it is all yours!

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Can we run training courses using this manual?

We have done this! Yes, you can, however, each person will need a copy of the manual.

You mention optimistic planning bias? What is this?

This falls within the topic of estimating. Research points to people expecting that they can for example fit 13 hours work into a 9 hour day. Or that a particular activity will cost so much when in actual fact it costs twice as much. In Deliver That Project we show you how to estimate with more confidence – that is time and money – thereby avoiding OPB – optimistic planning bias.

I see there are some audio downloads. Are they easy to get hold of?

The audio is only available via download and it will take some time to do this. NOTE: if you do not have broadband or equivalent then you will have to wait a long time to get the audio – one of them is 1 hour and 20 minutes long, the other is 45 minutes long.

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